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Thank you for considering Cohen, Roberts & Associates, LLC (CRA) to be your Collection Agency, to provide for all your collection needs.


Not all debt collection companies are created equal. However, neither are all businesses, so the type of collection agency you use should depend upon your company’s collection needs, corporate values, and overall financial goals.


Choosing the right collection agency to represent your business is an important decision. The agency that will represent your company or firm can often affect your business’s future and stability. CRA offers the most comprehensive set of collection agency services and products available that will give you leverage and knowledge other collection agencies won’t.


With the help of our experienced Collection professionals, CRA has become one of the leading collection agencies in North America.


CRA remits payment of collected funds twice a month. So our turnaround time to our Clients is cut in half which puts your money back into your cash flow that much quicker.


We keep our Client’s informed and updated during the whole collection process. Communication is the key to collecting any account, but communication to our Client is just as important. We make sure that our Client knows where their accounts are at in our collection process.

We also understand that your customers are hard to come by so we do everything we can to retain that customer when possible. While our primary objective is to collect the monies that are owed, we are also concerned with maintaining the goodwill of our clients.


"No one can predict the future and see when a good customer may turn into a bad one, but CRA takes pride in preventing a bad customer from obtaining credit in the first place.


With the corporate office now located in Cleveland, Ohio and a satellite office in Dover, DE, CRA prides itself in providing extensive background checks on companies/individuals requesting credit terms with our Clients.  Word of mouth has quickly spread helping CRA to grow tremendously over the last

6 years while maintaining the same philosophy: To always protect the Client’s interest".




Below are a few of the specific services CRA can provide to you.

Written Status reports: On all active accounts, provided on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. So, once again, our Client’s know where their money stands.


First Party Collections: In keeping with all of CRA’s  services, our experienced first party collections representatives take the approach that it is our Client that is contacting the debtor and will treat them as such.


Third Party Collections: Fast, effective recovery solutions on your older debt where a Third Party is needed. Our methods will provide the maximum recovery in the fastest manner possible.


Second Placement Collections: A 2nd placement account is an account that has been placed with a collection agency for an amount of time and due to the non-collection of the debt is returned to the original creditor. The original creditor then places the account with another collection agency. At CRA we view 2nd placement accounts as our opportunity to showcase our successful debt collection process that get past due accounts paid in full.


Attorney Forwarding: When CRA is unable to collect on the unpaid invoices or accounts for our Client’s, we will utilize the service of Collection Attorney. CRA utilizes several networks of collection law firms that spread throughout the U.S. Any State, City, and County where there is a debt owed, we have an Attorney that will pursue the matter legally.


Business Credit Reports: CRA has access to business credit reports that can be provided to our Clients. These reports will allow you to quickly and safely obtain credit and business information needed to make educated decisions on extending credit terms or pursuing an account though CRA’s Attorney’s.


Complete Background Checks: CRA can provide in-depth background checks and Business History reports on potential Customers wanting to do business with your Company, including Officers and Owners.




In establishing the company, the Owners of CRA have worked to ensure that the firm’s account managers build their collections expertise on a firm foundation of specific industry knowledge. Their intimate understanding of the business sectors in which they operate enables CRA's professional teams to more effectively achieve their client’s collections goals.



The CRA  Difference


The primary tools utilized by Cohen, Roberts & Associates, either first or third, are collection letters and phone calls. In many cases, businesses use automated or computer-generated collection letters for collections and also follow scripts when speaking to debtors on the phone. CRA on the other hand will guide you through the collection process for each collection account and has highly experienced collection professionals talk directly with the debtors. Each communication creates the sense of urgency for the debtor to pay their debts, thus increasing our collection percentages.


CRA unique guiding philosophy as a collection agency is; “Talk to the Debtor”. This approach derives from the poor reputation many collection agencies and debt recovery firms have unfortunately fostered over the years. Many collection agencies have utilized overly aggressive tactics, provided incompetent service and generated conflicts that have not only hurt the successful collection of debt, but impacted their creditor client’s reputation. CRA demands their collection professionals work every day to maintain and/or strengthen the relationship between their creditor client and the debtor (company) while working to resolve the collection issue that exists between the two parties.


How CRA works



The role of a Cohen Roberts, & Associates is to collect debts owed to one business (creditor) by another business or individual (debtor). CRA normally becomes involved with these debts after the creditor has pursued an in-house course of action without any success. CRA works on a contingency basis and receive a commission percentage only on the funds we collect from your debtor(s).


CRA's Technology




We utilize powerful technology to optimize each client’s business practices, and guide the A/R and collection process for the best financial results. Using advanced communications and negotiation techniques, our team members are experts in overcoming debtor objections through troubleshooting, problem-solving and otherwise finding professional, ethical ways to help the debtor understand the nature of the financial obligation, and explore ways of resolving it for both sides.


Automated work-flow based on flexible client rules


Collection and contact automation


Integration, flexible import and data cleansing


Skip Tracing




Skip tracing is a process used to find someone or a business. It generally requires gathering, organizing and analyzing large amounts of data on an individual or business to make a conclusion about where they might be. CRA uses the most advanced skip tracing technology that is available.


Both First Party and Third Party Collections



First Party Collections:


First Party collections are normally performed as an extension of the creditor; usually an internal department or affiliated subsidiary will handle collections for the creditor. A reputable collection agency may also be utilized, acting on behalf of the creditor.


Third Party Collections:


Third Party collections are normally performed by an external commercial collection agency under their own name and are usually hired after a first party collection attempt has been made. CRA performs both of these collections, moving files seamlessly from first to third for maximum impact and return of your funds.


CRA currently works with



  • Fortune 500 Companies


  • Law Firms


  • 27 + CPA Firms and their
  •  Global Networks




The # 1 Rule of Debt-Recovery: Time is of the Essence.



The probability of collecting an account 61+ day’s past due is only 60%.  As a result, the account’s original dollar value has depreciated to 60% of the original balance. The older the account, the harder the collection of your money will be for any Agency.


CRA Debt-Collection Success Rate is 24% Higher than the Industry Average. **



Before hiring a debt collector, consider the following:


Can you accept possibly losing your customer for life?


Are you willing to risk having your customer warn others not to do business with you, based on their experience with your debt-collector?


Overly aggressive, hostile, or illegal debt collection practices lead to problems. CRA does not use these practices.  What’s more, you choose the assertiveness-level you prefer from a Soft Audit approach, to moderate, and/or aggressive.




Cohen, Roberts, & Associates provide these services:



  • New Customer Evaluation: Credit checks and background checks to confirm if your new potential customer is credit worthy


  • Debtor Investigation: On-site Visits, Background and Asset Searches


  • Bankruptcy Watch: Advises of any Debtor’s Bankruptcy Activity


  • Diplomatic Arbitration: A Low-key Approach to Resolving Debtors’ Financial Obligations


  • Legal Network: When CRA collection efforts have failed.


  • On-Site Collection Visits


  • Repayment Solutions for Debtors


  • Accounts Receivable management from Start to Completion of Collections Efforts.


Cohen, Roberts, & Associates offer these benefits:


  • Partnered with Attorneys in every Metropolitan Area


  • Collectors are Extensively Trained and Certified


  • Our “never give up for our Client’s” philosophy.



Cohen, Roberts & Associates, LLC


Cohen, Roberts & Associates, LLC was formed from the necessity of needing honesty and integrity within the growing debt collections market in today’s changing climate and economic hard times. Too many companies over promise and under deliver.   You take your business seriously and so do our industry professionals.


We also understand that customers are hard to come by so we do everything possible to retain your customers at all costs.  We strive to collect our client's money quickly and efficiently while also keeping our clients informed every step of the way.


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